counseling clients

"I've worked on my worries and all my stress. I've learned not to worry so much about everything. Therapy is good for me because I can talk about anything I need to talk about and find ways to cope with it. I feel free and relaxed, like I can say anything I want and be stress relieved. I've learned to not worry so much about the adult problems going on and be more of a kid. I feel good about me."

"I feel successful. I'm putting the bad things I used to do out of my mind and am doing good stuff, getting rewards and feeling happy! I feel so happy, I am proud of myself. I used to shut down when I was upset and now I work hard in class and I've been doing pretty good lately. I finally got an A on my paper. I've never done that. I finally made my goal of changing who I used to be. I feel like coming to therapy helps me, it makes me change. I'm not the bully anymore. People will play with me now. I have more friends to hang out with now. I'm going to keep going." 

"I learned how to keep calm and cool. Coming to therapy is the best part of my day. I liked making the coping wheel that I can use when I don't know what to do when I get mad."

"I've learned about having a growth mindset instead of a negative one. This helps me have a good attitude. I feel good when I come here."

"Therapy has helped me be thankful, to be happy and know it's okay to talk about things that make you feel sad. I like how I feel safe here. [My therapist] has taught me it's okay to talk about feelings and things that happen to me."

"I'm learning to be brave and stop worrying about things by using deep breathing and my 'calm down' cards we made in therapy."

"Three things I've been working on are growth mindset, being positive and helping others. I don't worry about stuff that much anymore and don't have nightmares. I like coming here, it's fun."

"I've learned how to be kind to others and feel good about myself. I have learned that if I get mad I can solve the problem all by myself or get help. [My therapist] taught me to use 'I feel' statements to work out a problem I was having with a friend at school."

workshop participants

"I learned how to make friends and have a better attitude about life."  -age 14

"The workshops taught me to believe in myself and build others up. It gave me a new outlook." -age 16

"I really enjoyed the activities! They were very fun. I will remember to look at people's inside and not judge them." -age 17

"The games were fun. I will remember to be kind to everyone and love myself." -age 15

"The workshop helped me to remember to be confident and not care what others think. I thought the activities were so FUN. It really changed my week, I LOVED IT. Thanks!" -age 17

"I loved the activities, they helped a lot. I feel like I can strengthen my relationships. You're great!" -age 17

"I learned that it's okay to be yourself. It helped me see how I can make a difference. I thought it was very well done! Thanks!" -age 15

"I will remember to be nice to everyone because you don't know what they are going through. I thought the SWAP Project was amazing."- age 17

"I will remember to always talk to someone who looks down. I loved the whole presentation!" -age 16

"I learned that everyone has their insecurities, not just me. The activities were entertaining and had good messages in the end. Thank you, you guys are awesome!" -age 16

"I learned about the Girl Box and how to stay out of one. The activities helped us really grow together. I feel better about the differences between me and other girls." -age15

Parents & Leaders

"WholeKids made the squad stop and think about their own behavior and how it affects others.  They were able to relate the material presented to their own experiences and we will continue to use the SWAP project throughout the year.  I enjoyed everything about the presentation."  -Jennifer G., Olympus High Cheer

"My daughter really, really loved this class (Drop the Drama), and we will most likely sign up for the series one, or the monthly ones. It was GREAT, and just the right amount of time without being too short or too long. She was excited to come home and tell me all about what she learned!"  -Michelle P., West Valley

"WholeKids was the perfect thing for my daughter.  She had such a fantastic experience & made noticeable changes.  As a result of the SWAP project she has even started reaching out to empower other girls."  -Jill S., Sandy

"WholeKids was such a fun experience for our kids. Everyone loved how they incorporated deep issues like self esteem with current issues like media response. Our kids walked away with a little more ammo to face the world."  -Jaclyn B., Salt Lake City