motivational mentoring for boys (12 yrs+)

Motivational Mentoring is a self mastery program that will provide your son with practical skills and tools to make better decisions and discover new ways to unlock his full potential. Together we will formulate the best plan for achieving success and fulfillment as he takes an in-depth look at what his true priorities are. Your child will be held accountable for his own happiness and learn to rid himself of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are affecting his quality of life. Watch your son transform with life-changing tools designed to create an unstoppable drive which will lead to his inevitable success, all on his terms.

motivational mentoring CAN help your son navigate:

  • Relationships (family, friends, peers)
  • Motivational challenges
  • Insecurity & shyness
  • Communication barriers
  • Technology overuse issues
  • Mood swings
  • Negative self talk
  • Worries & fears
  • Negative body image
  • Boundary issues

Call now to schedule an appointment or with any questions: 801.509.9652

PLEASE NOTE: Mentoring sessions are not psychotherapy sessions. If your child has past trauma that is unresolved or holding him back then therapy sessions may be a better option. If there are suspected mental health issues (self harm, personality disorders, severe depression or anxiety, serious addictions, chronic impulsive behaviors, etc.)  proper referrals or resources will be provided. If you are ever concerned about suicide you may call the MCOT Team for immediate crisis assistance in Utah: 801.587.3000.