GIRLS self esteem & Skills group

Adolescence can be an exciting time full of new discoveries about the world around us and even ourselves. Join us for this fun, weekly activity-based discussion group focused on finding your self worth and confidence that's just waiting to come to the surface. This group is bound to have your girls feeling fabulous about who they are, armed with new tools for the daily challenges of life!


Ages 9-12: Wednesdays - 5:00-6:00pm   *   Ages 13-17: Thursdays - 6:00-7:00pm

Cost is $110/month (4 sessions). We do enrollments monthly but since this is an ongoing group you can join at any time (cost will be prorated). Follow this link to sign up today!: Registration

  • Keys to knowing myself
  • Diminishing doubt, finding courage
  • Expressing feelings & emotions
  • Building positive friendships
  • Finding your values
  • Self and body image
  • Health and wellness
  • Improving relationships
  • Talking to others with confidence
  • Self care
  • and more!!

The workshops below are currently only available to pre-existing groups of 10 or more girls. No individual registration is available. Find pricing here: group prices

drop the drama

We know it can be hard to be a girl sometimes. There are so many things competing for our attention, not to mention all the physical and emotional changes we go through. Spend some time with us to get a better handle on life. We'll be diving deep into improving the way we interact with others (friends, family, peers) and deal with our emotions, and will put our positive energy out into the world with an inspiring service project. This is a one-time, 2 hour workshop.


  • No more mean girls
  • Coping with crushes
  • Mood swing management
  • Respect & responsibility
  • Gratitude attitude


girls inspired

This transformational three-part workshop helps girls get started on a healthy road to self esteem and emotional wisdom. They'll enjoy powerful discussion on topics such as weathering life's emotional storms, getting rid of those pesky worries, handling jealousy, creating harmony in relationships, rising above peer pressure, mastering motivation, and more. Interspersed with fun activities, this is an experience that will help them grow. We all need a little inspiration--let 'Girls Inspired' transform your girls now!

  • Becoming an "Inspired Girl" w/ keys to knowing yourself
  • Creating healthy friendships
  • Respect & sibling harmony
  • Boundary basics
  • Above peer pressure
  • Staying afloat on the ocean of emotions
  • Worries & fears
  • Dare to dream
  • Self-talk & motivation