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WholeKids provides a variety of services to private and public schools, during and after school. Our staff is experienced in facilitating classes for high volumes of students as well as one-time presentations for large audiences. We offer on-site counseling services, after school programs, assemblies, emotional wellness weeks, and more. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in partnering with us!

Since House Bill 373 - Student Support Amendments was signed in March 2019, more schools have been taking advantage of increased funding opportunities to bring mental health services to their students by having us place a therapist right in their school. We would love to help you implement or expand your mental health program to ensure that as many students as possible are receiving the support they so desperately need.

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Administrative feedback:

I was thrilled to find Whole Kids as I see such a need for youth to learn about their emotional and mental health and how to manage them. We had Whole Kids come to our school for 4 weeks M-Th and teach three classes each day to different groups of students. The facilitators did a wonderful job with engaging the students in activities and lessons that all supported the main theme of the day. Our students learned how to be flexible thinkers and that we all have positive and negative thoughts and how to choose the positive. They learned calming breathing techniques and practical ways to recognize and deal with stress. They learned communication skills in how to express themselves in constructive ways. We have students grades K-8 and their presentations were always age appropriate according to what age level they were teaching. The facilitators were always on time and prepared for the day. The students enjoyed the variety of activities and the crafts that they made and were able to keep. We look forward to having them come back to continue to teach our students skills that they will use throughout their lives.

-Jana S., Canyon Grove Academy